South American Travel Destinations

Things You Can (Actually) Do In South America

Indulge In Its Rich History

Some countries have rich histories that can only be found today in history books. Significant events that helped shape their nation into what it is right now can only be seen in old photographs and record books, and everything else was forever lost in time.

Here in South America, you can (actually) still see historical sites and ancient cities that are beautifully preserved through time. These places hold a rich history that taps into the country’s incredible past and unique tapestry. Some of these ancient cities include the first capital and port city of Salvador in Brazil, the Inca capital of Cuzco in Peru, the Town of Colonia in Uruguay, the Cartagena in Colombia and Cuenca in Ecuador.

These captivating sites boast of incredible architecture and magnificent structures that carry their country’s legacy. Built with gigantic rocks and ancient methods, these remains are still considered a mystery for archaeologists and tourists alike. And just by being in these places, you can feel being a part of something bigger than yourself.

Be Part of a Diverse Culture

South America is made up of 13 different countries that hold beautifully diverse cultures you can (actually) be a part of. It has unique types of people, food, heritage, tradition, climate, and geography for every country that is as different and as similar from one another. Immersing yourself in these various cultures can make your travel to South America more meaningful and worthwhile. As you discover how different we are from each other, the more you realize how we are all the same.

Discover Breath Taking Scenes

The Amazon basin crosses through nine different countries of South America. And a voyage to a place often referred to the world’s lungs, which produces almost 20 percent of the planet’s oxygen, can (actually) take your breath away.

From rustic camps, cozy eco-lodges, vehicle, and horse riding excursions to luxury gourmet cruises, your Amazon experience in South America will let you feel reconnected with captivating scenes of nature again. This redeeming experience will remind you of how connected you are with your surroundings even before social media got you connected with people you do not know.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

For the adventurers and the wanderers, South America can (actually) get you out of your comfort zone on one or more occasion.

From crossing borders to talking with people in different languages, you will stretch your inner self up even before engaging in a lot of physical activities the country has to offer. And this opens you to more challenges, more experiences, and more of the things that will matter in the future, as you go home more confident, more sociable, more sympathetic, and more aware of yourself and others.

Live Stories That Will Withstand Time

Do you remember the one where you hitchhiked across Argentina? Or the one where you danced under the stars on an island in Lake Titicaca? Or the one where you became a snowboarding expert in the Andes Mountains? Or when you did that daredevil 4-hour bike ride on the world’s deadliest road in Bolivia? Or the one where you had an enriching hike in Patagonia and saw the world’s most visually captivating sceneries? Or the one where you take a swing at the edge of the world in Ecuador?

These are the kind of stories you will be telling your loved ones repeatedly after a trip to South America. It’s one of the places where you can (actually) live stories you will tell for generations, and will forever keep you in that beautiful place you never regret you visited.


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