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Foods You Have to Take a Bite or Two in South America

Spoiler Alert: A Bite Won’t Be Enough

A country’s culinary specialties not only satisfy a travelers hunger but also speak to its soul. If you are one who enjoys eating sit-down dinners on fancy restaurants, or you are one of those people who love munching on-the-go treats from street vendors more, South America has both things to offer on each side of the spectrum.

If you are planning to go on a holiday on this beautiful country, or you already booked one, and you are scared of getting hungry on your trip, here are some dishes to try in South America that will surely make you want more.

Empanadas of Argentina

Every province of Argentina has a signature flavor of its own. Eating all of them may be considered a long shot, but it is not impossible. Just imagine a crispy, half-moon pastry with hot savory fillings of meat, cheese, and vegetables.

Pastel of Brazil

Pastel is usually a savory treat, but there are twists added to its ingredients to come up with sweet varieties. Its appearance looks like that of an empanada, but thinner. Just imagine these delicious fried pies with small shrimps, hearts of palm, ground meat and melted cheese.

Now, take a bite.

Arepas of Venezuela

There are some arepa varieties on a single menu. Some are eaten as a main course whiles other small portions serve as snacks. Just imagine a flatbread sandwich made from ground maize dough, filled with anything from cheese to meat to eggs. It can be hearty, it can be healthy, but it is always perfect for you and me.

Ceviche of Peru

If you are a Sashimi lover, you will definitely twitch for this delicacy. Just imagine a fresh, raw seafood cure with lemon or lime citrus juice, spiked with chili peppers and garnished with cilantro and onion.

Pisco Sour of Chile & Peru

It will not be considered as a national drink for Chile and Peru for no reason. It is a popular cocktail throughout South America that is said to be the perfect pair to a ceviche. Just imagine a brandy made with pisco, mixed with Angostura bitters, egg whites, lime juice, syrup, and ice. Adding some fruit juice may also enhance its flavors.

Dulce de Leche of Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil

This dish may be hard to find outside South America, but it is offered in almost most of its countries. This lusciously sweet dessert has already made its place in the hearts of tourists and locals alike. Just imagine a milky caramel in simmering vanilla, sugar, and milk served with donuts, muffins, and toasts.


Platanos Fritos of South America

This incredibly delish treat can be found all throughout South America and is already considered a quintessential delight. Just imagine a delicious dessert of slowly-fried plantains, with a light caramel coating scooped from sizzling pots of vegetable oil, topped with condensed milk.



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