Fascinating Facts and Figures about South America

We all know South America because of its beautiful people, majestic sceneries, and the richness of its natural resources. Because of these amazing characteristics, most people never miss putting this continent on their bucket list of places to go.

If you are one who is looking forward to traveling South America in the future, here are some facts and figures to know that may convince you to book your dream trip earlier.

Historical Facts About South America

Did you know that the continent was named after the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci?

Originally, South America was discovered by Christopher Columbus. However, history tells us that it was Amerigo who proved that the continent was not a part of the Far East and is a separate one. And because of this, the continent was named after him.

Astounding Geographical Facts about South America

Measuring about 2.7 million square miles that covers almost 40% of South America, the Amazon Forest is considered the largest natural rainforest in the world.

On the other hand, 4,400 miles along the west coast of South America from Chile to Venezuela, the Andes Mountains was known to be the longest mountain range in the world that passes through Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.

From rainforests to mountain ranges, deserts also play an important role in South America. Supporting over a million people, Chile’s Atacama Desert is considered to be the driest place in the world; with parts of it never have had a taste of rain according to scientists.

Wonderful Environmental Facts about South America

South America is home to around 40% of the Earth’s plants and animal species.

One spectacular animal found in the Amazon is The Green Anaconda, the largest snake in the world. Although there are unverified claims of seeing super huge Anacondas that weigh 227 kilograms and grows 8.8 meters long, the largest of its kind ever captured weighs 99 kilograms with a length measuring 5 meters.  

Ecuador also houses over 1000 species of orchids. Botanists discovered what they refer to as the world’s smallest orchid measuring only 2.1mm wide in 2009. And because of its size, it was named as the minuscule orchid.

Fun and Interesting Facts about South America

The fishermen of Laguna in the southeastern part of Brazil learned how to catch fish with the aid of dolphins. As unbelievably amazing as it seems, dolphins helped fishermen there by driving schools of fish near their nets and even create some signals for them to cast it.

On the other hand, for around 160 days, a meteorological phenomenon on Venezuela called “Catatumbo Lightning” was deemed unique and got the attention of some enthusiasts. This rare phenomenon occurs at the point where the Catatumbo River meets Lake Maracaibo, where lightning strikes the lake continuously for up to 10 hours at a time.

And at night, a vampire-like creature was said to attack cattle and goats to drain their blood. This famed mythical creature in South America is often referred to as “El Chupacabra” and is quite a popular story for locals in South America.


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