South American Celebrities

Famed Personalities from South America

South America is not only rich in culture, tradition, and natural resources. It is also home to some beautiful and talented people who are widely known in most countries. You might have seen most of them in popular Hollywood movies, while the others appear on famed television shows. Whatever the case is, they all serve as an inspiration and pride to the people of South America.

So let’s get to know some of them, shall we?

Andy Garcia

Sounds familiar? He’s just one of the few Hispanic actors who managed to break through casting stereotypes and became one of the Latino community’s most beloved leading men. He was rewarded with an Oscar nomination for his impeccable performance as Vincent Mancini in “The Godfather Part III” and influenced a new generation of Latino actors. He knows his way on dramatic and comedic roles and is also a director and producer capable of attracting popular stars.

Sofia Vergara

She’s a star on the hit television series “Modern Family” and famous for his role “Gloria” which is a full-pledged Colombian. Aside from being a successful actress, she’s also a business savvy who has an empire of followers on social media that admired her authenticity.

Selena Gomez

After succeeding on her huge leap from a child star to an adult celebrity, Selena has proven her talent in the music scene and on the big screen. She exhibited a great deal of independence and sense of control over her career and image as a role model for her Latina fans.

Michelle Rodriguez

Her rigid, tough girl image appeals to both fans and filmmakers alike. She’s known for giving life to action-packed roles on Hollywood movies such as the “Fast and the Furious” franchise and is admired for staying true to her roles, ideals, and philosophies in life.

Michael Pena

He’s one of the few rare breed actors who can work in both English and Spanish and can also make audiences cry helplessly one minute, and laugh hard the next. He has co-starred in some of the great movies in the past like “Million Dollar Baby,” “Crash,” “American Hustle” and the Marvel movie “Ant-Man.”

Zoe Saldana

The actress exhibits strength, confidence, and toughness on most of her roles in Hollywood films. She’s an inspiration to adult Latinas who appreciates her unwillingness to conform to Hollywood standards. Directors and producers also admired her for being simultaneously feminine and strong.

Jennifer Lopez

We all know JLo, but many fans admired her more for a successful self-reinvention after dismantling her reputation as a diva, to someone who’s an advocate of good will. She’s now a part owner of a TV network that focuses on multicultural millennials and diversity.

Penelope Cruz

Her beauty and talents inspired not only the general audience but also some older, cultured, and more educated Latina women. The Oscar-winner chose to be an inspiration and a model to younger generations when she decided to live a more private life, far from tabloid sagas and excessive social media sharing, and closer to the things she loved most.

Antonio Banderas

His Latino good looks, charming personality, and surprising comedic timing made him one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood. He rose to Stardom on his role as Zorro and is loved by Latino families in his voicing as the charming and adventurous animated character “Puss in Boots.”


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