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What Does South America Have to Offer You Travel-Wise

South America is a region home to many of life’s extraordinary wonders. Before you come to experience its hidden treasures, knowing some extra facts and information about this blooming continent will surely help you enjoy and make the most out of your most awaited sojourn.

It is widely believed that the south pales in comparison to the progress of the north. Both continents may be names America, but their differences are deeply rooted and pulsating to this day. While the United States may be more industrialized, the south is more untamed and natural, each country bearing a strong native identity.

A Quick Glimpse on the History of South America will give you an overview of the continent’s origins and how it came up to be what it is today. Some Fascinating Facts and Figures about South America gives you the numbers and some of the country’s hidden secrets known only by their locals.

A quick read of What You Need to Know before Travelling to South America may just give you an edge over first-time tourists and travelers. You’re sure to pick up a few useful tips that usually slip the occasional traveler’s mind. The continent may be vibrant in culture, people, and heritage, but there are certain experiences that you need to prepare for to properly enjoy.

Going over Famed Personalities from South America will point you to some global celebrities you probably already know and love. Take a look at each of these individuals, and you can certainly tell that they bring a certain spice to the world. Imagine how it would feel to be surrounded by the very culture that molded such vibrant personalities. You’re sure to get overwhelmed.

Foods You Have to Take a Bite or Two in South America takes your palate on a journey and readily itemizes the must-eats to go hunting for.

The Bitchin’ Beaches of South America points you to where the shoreline fun is. Coastal parties are a natural sight however unnatural they may seem. Gear up for certain enjoyment that you’re sure to have never experienced elsewhere.

Knowing all of these may become too overwhelming, but don’t stress yourself out! There is also Blending in Fashion Tips for Tourists in South America for those who worry about being stared at with their out-of-place garb. It teaches you how to dress to blend in and attract less attention.

If you want to make the most out of your visit, looking through the Things You Can Actually Do in South America can help you plan your trip. It gives you a realistic overview of what and what not to spend your time on.

History, people, and culture are just some of The Major Resources of South America. By knowing a little about all of these while planning your dream visit, I bet you can now dream about The Coolest Things You Can Experience in South America. I say stop dreaming and let us just travel South America.

If you want to check out even more about the 12 individual countries of South America, check out National Geographic’s South America Travel Guide.

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South American Travel Destinations

The Bitchin’ Beaches of South America

Imagine feeling the warm sea breeze on your cheeks. Feel the powdery sand on your feet. Look at the calm waves of the ocean. Indeed, there is no better to way to reconnect with nature and claim your time of peace and quiet. However, when the sun starts to set, and the lights start to illuminate these coasts, you rather know what happens next.

Life is a party. So drink, dance, and scream at the top of your lungs. Here comes a list of party beaches in South America that will give you the craziest, and the wildest moments of your life.

El Agua, Venezuela

Just a short distance from the coast of Venezuela is the Margarita Island where El Agua is situated. It is one of the country’s most extraordinary beaches that features golden sands and palm trees. Vendors offer cocktails and other products during the day, and everything becomes loud and lively at night. A chain of clubs and bars offer good music and drinks, and if you are looking for a real party atmosphere, you had better go to El Agua during Spring Break.

Montanita, Ecuador

Montanita is one of the most famous stops of backpackers in Ecuador. Its relaxed and laid-back vibe caught the attention of the surfing community and made the place more interesting. Now, there are local party scenes with a vast selection of local drinks, spirits, and fruity cocktails the beach offers. Stalls sell drinks during the day, and a series of bars and clubs run the place at night.

La Barra, Uruguay

Because of the number of its famous and rich visitors that visit the place every year, La Barra has often been referred to as South America’s St. Tropez. It is located in Punta Del Este resort and known to throw wild parties that last until dawn, especially in the months of December and January.

Copacabana and Ipanema, Brazil

These are the twin gems of Rio de Janeiro. Beautiful golden stretches of sand houses bars and clubs facing onto the beach, and away from its bustling city. Thousands of people go to Copacabana during New Year’s Eve to party while enjoying its amazing fireworks. While Ipanema, on the other hand, is considered as an alternative side of Rio highlighting beach life. Vendors sell beers and cachaca, as they get the party started.

Mancora, Peru

Mancora is the place to be if you are looking to enjoy sandy beaches and a vibrant nightlife. Beaches are relaxed and calm during the day, so you might want to consider diving in and munching on its excellent seafood that matches its special Peruvian drinks. While at night, especially on wild full moon parties, the town will turn into a long stretch of party place that will continue all night long.

So here is a taste of five bitchin’ party beaches in South America. Each offers travelers and tourists an experience different from one another but is sure to wake and shake the party animal in you.


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