About Us

If you’re new here, welcome! We’re a blog focusing on educating and inspiring people to visit South America. South America is one of the most vibrant regions of the world. There are so many cultures to discover in South America, all from 12 different countries. Brazil, with its beautiful beaches, Rio Carnaval, rainforests, Amazon river, soccer, and the famous Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.

rio de janeiro

Colombia, with its famous Colombian coffee, emeralds, and amazing biodiversity (ranked #2 in the world).

Colombian coffee farmer

Argentina, with its famous tango dancing, artists, Argentinian steak, and the colorful neighborhoods of Buenos Aires.

Argentinian Statue

Then there’s Venezuela, famous for its beautiful women and beaches.

Venezuelan Beach

Peru with its history of the ancient Inca empire, Machu Picchu, and top-rated cuisine.

Machu Picchu

Chile, famous for its soccer players, food (especially wine), and beautiful landscapes, like the Andes mountains and the Chilean deserts.

Chile Mountain

Ecuador is famous for its Galapagos Islands, cocoa beans, and bananas.

Chile Nature Lake

Bolivia is famous for having the highest city in the world, and its famous salt flats.

Salt Flat

Paraguay and Uruguay are famous for their ubiquitous consumption of Yerba Mate.

Yerba Mate

Guyana is famous for its amazing waterfalls and for English being the main language, and Suriname is famous for its beautiful natural parks.

Waterfall Guyana

There is so much to talk about and so much for people to learn about South America. If you enjoy learning about South America and are interested in finding out about all the different things you can do in South America, from trying the different cuisines, experiencing different cultures, visiting different landmarks and landscapes, seeing the wildlife, and more, then stay tuned to this blog! We’ll be writing posts on a regular basis about all of these topics – as well as giving you some practical advice about how to actually travel, and the best places to visit when you’re in South America.